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Okay, so my laptop's hard drive has died. Literally.

Two days ago I was on it, making something in my Photoshop Elements 10, then suddenly the thing freezes on me and turns off. I turn it back on and get the message 'A disk read error occurred'.


So, I've sent it in to be repaired, but I might have lost all my files. That I haven't backed-up. Because I'm an idiot.

That's over 60,000 words worth of various WIP fanfictions I might have lost, including two fills for prompts I'd taken up, a fic I needed to finish for someone who'd requested it on a comm, plus the Big Bang rough draft I was supposed to send in by - you guessed it - today.

I might have also lost some photos, but luckily most of them are on other computers in the house. Also might have lost pretty much every WIP fanvideo and fanart piece I've been working on in the past year, too.

Yes, I had a big old cry about it when I first got the message. I get upset when my laptop plays up, and I sobbed big time. Now, I'm kind of content with it, but when I get it back (and if I have lost all my files), I don't know if I'll be this calm.

Only time will tell.

At least this will urge me to back up everything in the future, though.


Date: 31/08/2012 19:00 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah sadly I have had that problem before but it was like...5 viruses in a freaking row cause my dad was too cheap to get a updated antivirus. Then my harddrive was evil too last year, Thus why I begged the parentals for a Terabyte external hard drive for xmas last year and got 1.5 instead :P I try to back up on it ever few months

Date: 31/08/2012 19:30 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ugh, I despise viruses. It seems you can never get rid of them once you get one :\

Every few months seems like a good idea, but after this, I'm probably gonna get paranoid and do it every week, lol.

Date: 31/08/2012 19:59 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I understand your feelings, my old laptop died it's final death in april after a few trojans in a row. I lost so many files...
Hopefully you don't loose everything, but you should think about an external drive

Date: 01/09/2012 12:01 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hate trojans :(

I've got my laptop back - lost everything, unfortunately.


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